1. What is ‘Friends of MP’ or ‘FoMP’.

‘Friends of MP’ or ‘FoMP’ is a forum to bring together the Indian diaspora, especially with roots from Madhya Pradesh. Not restricted to people belonging to Madhya Pradesh, it is an open forum including people having affinity towards the ‘Heart of India – Madhya Pradesh’.

  1. What is the objective of the FoMP initiative.

The prime objective of this initiative to promote cultural exchange and create awareness about accomplishments of the state and the ongoing initiatives for social development. One of the other key objective is to provide a platform to people (not residing in MP) to interact and collaborate with the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

  1. Who should become a FoMP or who should register on this portal.

A person belonging to or with roots from Madhya Pradesh or having affinity towards the State and its people but not residing in Madhya Pradesh can register on this portal.