Friends of Madhya Pradesh

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has developed a vision of setting up a global talent pool for each state. This talent pool will comprise of network of its talents wherever in the world they may be, and utilize their experience and talent for country’s development.
Following the vision as laid by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Madhya Pradesh has taken a concrete step in creating this global talent pool – “Friends of MP”. The Government of Madhya Pradesh built this web portal ( on the fundamental values of people’s participation for the well-being of MP. This initiative connects Madhya Pradesh-origin persons living abroad and out of the state with its homeland. It also helps the state government to identify the friends of MP and utilize their skills, talent and experience to further the growth of Madhya Pradesh.
Though the initiative is being launched by the Government of MP, it is designed to be independent, neutral and non-partisan. This forum creates a bridge between the well-wishers, friends and the policymakers. It engages them in direct conversation with the policymakers in an original and interactive mode resulting in an enthusiastic experience to produce concrete solutions with the widest-possible impact.